Consultations on tax issues

UAB "FINVEGA", in cooperation with tax consulting and optimization professionals, provides tax consulting, monitors taxes, and represents the interests of the client.

Tax monitoring is a unique way to minimize your company costs and optimize its financial situation. During tax monitoring we perform company financial report revision for the tax purposes; we identify incompliances and provide specific proposals for the elimination of such incompliances. Also, if it is necessary, we prepare all necessary documents for the implementation of our recommendations.

Representation of the client in tax disputes – we provide consultations and help to prepare documents for the preparation of notifications or complaints to the tax administration institutions. We provide such consultations and prepare the necessary documentation during all period of the disputes till the investigation at the court of law. Upon your request, we can also provide qualified assistance during the stage of court investigation (assistance and consultations during complaint drafting), in case of need, we can also offer a competent partner for providing legal services.

We also provide other tax consulting services:

We provide answers to your questions provided in writing or verbally;
We draft official letters to tax administration and other institutions;
We review contracts for the tax purposes;
Other tax advice services.

If you have any questions related to the services we provide, of need more detailed information, please do not hesitate and contact us using the indicated contact information, or simply write to us, and we will respond you promptly..